Academy of Performing Arts (APA) July 26, 2014

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 The Shire of Iron Ox invites one and all to the Academy of Performing Arts (APA) at its new location!

Classes will be taught in one of each of the five class tracks – European Dance, Non-European Dance, Theatre, Bardic, and Gaming.  But there is more for your evening entertainment!  This year the Variety Show will be held in conjunction with a European Ball, Hafla, Bardic Circle, and a Gaming/Pub Room.  The Shire of Iron Ox Facebook page also has information about the hotel.

Please park at the hotel or at Lowe’s.  Please, do not park at Table 100 as they are serving Lunch and dinner.

We will also be having a documentation review ran by the Laurels!

We still have a few class spots open if anyone is interested in teaching.  We look forward to seeing everyone at APA!

ironox  Academy of Performing Arts Flyer  ironox

This year we will be holding APA at Table 100 and Holiday Inn Express in Flowood, MS.

Regional Fighter Practice will be held July 27th at 9:00 a.m. at Flowood Nature Trail down the road from the Hotel.

Daytrip Prices
Adult $15
Children (6 to 12) $5
Children under 6 Free
Ball/Hafla/Bardic Circle only (After 6pm) $7
(Non-members add $5)

Make checks payable to
SCA-MS, Inc. Shire of Iron Ox
Cash Only at the door!

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