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Knights                                      Rapier

Knights Marshal                                     Rapier Marshal

   Christof D’Wynter called Wolf

              mka Chris Barnes

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Join us as we recreate the martial arts of renaissance Europe through SCA rapier combat. Using a verity of historical fencing styles combined with modern rules and equipment, SCA rapier combat offers a quite realistic but safe display of rapier fighting as was traditionally practiced during the 15th, 16th, and even the 17th centuries.

Safety is rule one in SCA rapier combat, so strict rules have been established and must be followed under the direction of one of more field marshals.  All rapier fighters must go through an authorization process before being allowed to participate in demos or tournaments.  This is to ensure a safe field of play.  All participants must all be inspected before play to make certain that they are well protected and meet the armor requirements stated in the rapier rules of the SCA and the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.