Ten Years have passed since Gleann Abhann was born as a Kingdom!  All the Knowne World are welcome to come celebrate our anniversary and participate in our Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition!  In addition to the Arts Competition, there will be Heavy, Light, and Youth fighting opportunities as well as Archery/Thrown Weapons.  Weather […]

Gleann Abhann 10th Year Celebration and Kingdom Arts and Sciences ...

Well, we might actually get to the pleather stage this time after lacing on the book boards was completed last week. If anyone has book blocks without book boards, drill 4 (or 6 ) holes in the cover boards 1/4 inch in from the edge and at about 2″, 3.75″, […]

Bookbinding: Pleather and Lace

We will be putting covers on the book blocks we sewed last week. Bring a PVA glue and waxed paper/parchment paper to put between the covers and the book block. If you have some clamps and scrap boards to put the book between to dry, that might help transport it […]

Bookbinding 2.5: The cover-up

Come join the us for this FREE class!  This class will be taught by THL Elisabeth Thielmann on how to make a Medieval book.  We will go over techniques used, different purposes, and practical use.  Come ask questions and hang out. Materials needed: Paper for the pages – A good quality high rag with […]

Medieval Book binding – Part I Folding and Sewing

Come join us for this FREE class! This class will be taught by THL Broinninn Inghean Aindriasa on how to make a Mongolian del. The Mongolian del is the quintessential piece of Mongolian garb. Patterning and construction of this garment is simple; it’s all rectangles and triangles. Handouts will be available with pattern […]

How to Make a Mongolian Del – July 16

We are having a Regional Heavy and Light Fighter Practice (right now).  Come out to ask questions, watch some bouts, or suit up in loaner gear to try your hand in combat!  Bring a chair, drink lots of water, and prepare for the weather accordingly.

Regional Fighter Practice – July 12

Due to issues with the site and their policies, we can no longer offer a bagged lunch.  The autocrats and seneschal offer their sincere apologies for this inconvenience to our attendees.  In light of this, the event staff has decided to change the prices.  As of June 2, the event […]

Academy of Performing Arts (APA) – July 11, 2015